On June 23rd 2019, Firefund.net suddenly lost all connection to the database in charge of handling donations on the campaign sites.

Our volunteers have since been working day and night on getting the site up and running as normal. Unfortunately, this was no easy task.

What happened?

We first had…

We believe that we need to organize solidarity through direct action, to support the movements who have the ability to create real change.

We built firefund.net as a tool to use for progressive movements, and all variations of groups, networks, tactics, who wants to organize across borders.

We use the…

2016 was the year we launched FIREFUND.

We have reached a point where we have the technology and infrastructure to carry out bad-ass international solidarity.

The tech is in place. But we want to be more than a website. Becoming a platform for organized solidarity requires a hivemind-like community. An…


Political crowdfunding for the movements. Check us out, we’re fun and sometimes we know what we’re doing.

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