We want to recruit you!

2016 was the year we launched FIREFUND.

We have reached a point where we have the technology and infrastructure to carry out bad-ass international solidarity.

The tech is in place. But we want to be more than a website. Becoming a platform for organized solidarity requires a hivemind-like community. An international network of activists with the potential to take a simple requests for crowdfunding and facilitate it to become a global call for action.

It is a part of what we see, when we close our eyes and try to visualize real online solidarity.

For these reasons we are now inviting activists from the social movements to participate in an organizing experiment: the Swarm (1.0).

SWARM 1.0: The fancy name for our first experiment to create a hivemind of internet-based international solidarity


… a 30-day session, aiming to organize and educate a batch of solidarity crowdfunding campaigners.

Throughout January (from Tuesday the 10th; we’re not trying to be inhumane), we will be carrying out a running workshop, dealing with the process of launching a crowdfunding campaign on firefund.net.

Through the course, participants will be working together to research, contact, produce material, discussing support networks and hopefully co-launching a campaign with a political movement or group by the end of process.

The idea is not to have activists in Firefund doing crowdfunding. It’s to make a swarm-like community of activists, ready and trained, to receive and facilitate the requests of crowdfunding from activists on the front, fighting those parts of the struggle we all feel strongly about.

Programme and objective

The purpose of the Swarm 1.0 is to, by the beginning of February, have 1 campaign ready to launch and 3 more being organized for the future. A side-effect will be to test our organisation’s capability of receiving and activating a batch of new hands — and it’s a good way for the individual new player to check out the collective and consider it as a battlefield of your activism.

The process will be organised through weekly “swarms” in our chatroom, where we will go through the following workshops:

Week 1 — Research and investigation,

Week 2 — Planning and trouble shooting,

Week 3 — Contact and preparation,

week 4 — Evaluation and execution

Through these workshops the team will be carrying out the tasks from the beginning to the end of facilitating a campaign, supported by our organizer team who will make sure you have the ressources, knowledge and infrastructure to actually carry it out.

By the end of the Swarm 1.0 you should be able to carry out crowdfunding through Firefund, have learned a shitload about the current social movements, expanded your network of comrades and have acquired some basic skills in photo-editing, programming, using encryption, task-management and basic organising.

So, you want to become a revolutionary campaigner with Firefund?

Read more on www.firefund.net/joinfirefund or sign up with an email at firefund@riseup.net — and let’s fund the revolution!

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