Chapter Eleven

Long story short, Lethe had an outburst of power and knocked me unconscious. But he also exerted to much power and fainted. I woke up in my bead, when I tried to move I winced.

“Here let me do it.” Flame whispered and grabbed the remote. We started talking about training ideas and eventually I fell asleep.

The next time I woke up I was alone. I turned my head towards the side bead table and saw a little note along with two pills and a glass of water.

The note said-

“ Eat up Chika-lick!”

It was Flame’s handwriting. Even from the fights I had never been this beat up. So I took the pills like a good “chika-lick”. It knocked me out so fast- I wonder what it was.

The third time I woke up it was for good. I had no pain so I got up and got breakfast. Agnes was in there. Her hair was in two. french braids and Flame was next to her with her wings extended.

“There’s the girl we have been lookin’ for!” Agnes yelled with a grin tugging at the edge of her cheeks. I bowed and blew kisses as they clapped wildly.

“FYI the next planet is Manakia…” Flame mumbled. “…I am using some of the training plans we talked about and making them battle plans.” I loved her way of thinking.

Then Lethe ran in- he had a worried look on his face.

“Come on!” He breathlessly shouted. I ran after him with Agnes and Flame in pursuit. He ran to the control room. “The button was flashing so I pushed it and this happened.” He moved his arms a lot when he spoke.

I punched him in the gout and turned to the console. It was all flashing now- I pushed quite a few buttons and it stopped.


Then suddenly he tried to control me I flew backwards- I flipped to save the landing but still- how dare he try to complete with me?!? My swords appeared in my hands. I created a small hurricane (simple!) and lunged at him. He may have had power over my abilities but no power over my strength. I cut down his chest- but he didn’t even care. He was to focused on the hurricane and controlling me. Sula, Flame and Agnes all stood there in awe. I had learned his moves by now and could anticipate his attacks. Finally he couldn’t hold my power any longer and fell to the floor. I almost fell too but something kept me standing. It was him- I ran and ran and ran I didn’t stop until I was at my not-so-secret hide out. I fell to the floor shaking. I wrapped my self up in a tight ball and put my head. between my knees. I asked myself over and over and tried to convince myself but I couldn’t. The question-

“How can you be in love with someone you just met?”

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