Chapter Twelve

Lethe and I tried to avoid each other. But it was like avoiding homework- you eventually have to deal with it. But no one could train us. We could only train with each other because of our weapons. So we got weaker and used our powers more. When we finally got Manakia. It was snowing- Sula screamed. She didn’t see snow where she came from. But the people wouldn’t talk to us even after the news reported peace on our coming. They had this look of fire in their eyes like they wanted to punch something or someone. They raised their fists and yelled- this had never happened before. It scared me- my hand slipped into the person next to me. I thought it was Flame or Agnes but no. Right there in front of everyone- I was holding Lethe’s hand. I don’t know why but I didn’t pull my hand away- and weirdly he didn’t either.

We all stood up and walked to the stage where we would have our speech. I was still holding his hand but I had no intentions on letting go. His hand was warm and a comfort in the cold, it was my port in the horrible storm. My speech was the normal thing but it was weird in a way that they didn’t seem to wanna listen- more like go back home and sit by the fire. After that horrible speech I teleported us back to the Orbiter. We now have to sit and wait like ducks while they consult their gods and talk to all of the world wide leaders.

When they finally sent the letter back to us- it was surprising. They said that we were crazy and banded from all of Manakia. I started pacing as I read the letter. The rest of the crew had already read it and yes it was two in the morning but I couldn’t sleep. I read it over and over again out loud- I knew no one could hear me because of how far away the control room is from the bedrooms are.

“If I were you, I would shut up and stop making yourself stressed.” I turned on my heel, there leaning against the doorframe was Lethe. His golden brown hair fell into his eyes. His lips were curled into this mischievous smile he always had. He looked like he was up to something.

He grabbed his phone out of his pocket , turned on music and started dancing — I eventually joined in but only after watching him. We danced around the room. For a second I forgot that I that I hated him. We danced and danced for probably a hour before are feet started hurting. So we collapsed on the ground laughing. I looked at my watch. It had been three hours. No wonder my feet hurt so much. I got up and offered him my hand.

“I am still so confused on how they turned us down.” I was still so frustrated. “If they don’t except our help they are going to die! Also-”Lethe cut me off.

“Why do you keep stressing yourself…” He was yelling on the top of his lungs- not because he was mad but because I was tired and barely listening. “…you have got to stop you’re going to drill yourself a hole you won’t be able to get out of!”

“It’s just that-” I was cut off for the second time by Lethe, but not by his voice but by his lips. Yes- he kissed me and I shut up.

His lips were cold compared to mine. His eyelashes tickled my nose. I ran my fingers through his hair- I was amazed on how his hair was not crazy after our dancing. He smelled like the pine trees that grew next to my house in the forest when I was little. Once he broke apart he ran off smiling.

“Oh gods…” I then summoned bedding a went to sleep right there on the floor. I was to tired and to awestruck to move.

Hey guys this is the edited version of The Kiss and Chapter Twelve! I decided to mix it together and I want to know if I should change it back. So please tell me!!!!! Also while reading please forget the other chapter (The Kiss).
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