I know this is random but who cares.

If the cake is bad what is the frosting?

Today I was faced with this question. And it made me rethink some things that I haven’t thought in a while.

Me and my dad were out for Chinese food at the local restaurant. We had gotten four fortune cookies- all of which I wanted to open. But after sweet and sour chicken and sticky rice I found only the room for two.

The first one I may share later- but my main focus is the second fortune.

“ If the cake is bad, what good is the frosting?”

In the beginning I was confused- I mean I love cake. So I got sidetracked.

But when I really looked at it- deep down with all of my heart and soul- I saw a message that changed my life.

I think that the cake symbolizes you as a human being, without all the money and fancy possessions. The frosting is just how you act, how much you care- the polish on your Firebolt. (Harry Potter thing there- but for all you muggles maybe a polished broomstick [sorry I had to make a Harry Potter joke]).

So if deep down you aren’t a good person (maybe you lie a lot or I really don’t know- help me here peeps) maybe you are in a relationship but actually don’t love them. Then all the smiles and acting is really no good. Because the cake is what really matters. It’s like when you are at a bakery. You bite into the slice of double chocolate cake (yum-mouth is watering) but you realize that after the delicious chocolate frosting that the chocolate cake is burnt. Then you never go to that bakery again.

Moral-ish thing-

If your cake isn’t good or is burnt- don’t put frosting on it and decorate it with those rainbow sprinkles that I love to take off individually. Tweak your recipe and try again. Just because you burnt your cake doesn’t mean you never bake again.

Human version of the moral-ish thing-

If you aren’t the best person or are in a situation that has no good outcomes. You don’t just stop living. You start anew. Maybe you move to a new town- reinvent yourself as the person YOU want to be. Sure you will make mistakes but mistakes are proof that you are trying. You don’t start at the top. If you are who YOU want to be then you don’t care what people think. You can have “frosting” of any kind. For me I would have a rainbow cake with chocolate icing plus little rainbow sprinkles! When you are who you want to be life just gets better and brighter.

Sorry if this made no sense- I just started writing.

This is my cake-

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