Ok peoples!

Some of you have been asking for a challenge. So I am going to give you a challenge.

Before we start- if you haven’t read all of my blurbs and story start ups (Golden Wishes,Silver Kisses-Shatter-etc.) go back and read them!
1. I hope that you have found your favorite story start up because we will be needing it for step two.
2. In the comments tell me which story I should continue.

The story with the most people wanting me to restart. I willΒ restart!

Alexander Nimos

Paul Barach

Benjamin Foley

Cristian Randieri, Phd

Linda Caroll

Dakota Shane


Normal Earthling

Little Fears

Shaunta Grimes

Mitch Goldfarb

Hevedar Yousif

Jonas Hughes

Michael V. Ivanov

Iogo Chirola

Justin Cox 🍩

Iogo Chirola

Natasha Kurien

Kathleen Porter, MEd


Zac Chapepa

Oliver Atwal

Richard Oluwo

Cinematic Quophi

Zat Rana

Tre L. Loadholt

Tyrone Graham

Cesar Utod

Calvin McLeish

A Coffee With Friends

Chelsea Manning

Xingnuo Chen

Aaron David Yeoman

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