10 Habits You Should’ve Started Yesterday

1. Start napping daily

Life is stressful. Sometimes it can be hard to fit in 8–9 hours of sleep every single night. Today’s world is so face paced and go-go-go which can lead to excessive stress and feeling burnt out. But fitting in a 20 minute power nap can supercharge your system by making you feel refreshed and more alert. Your body will quickly feel the benefits of disconnecting and relaxing. Click here to find out your own prime napping time.

2. Write down goals

We all have goals in life. But writing down a timeline or a checklist can keep you on track to actually accomplishing these goals. Having a constant reminder of where you want to be in a day, week, month or even years down the road, can help you remained focused and get motivated to work hard.

3. Eat your veggies

Duh. We’ve all heard this for years. Eat your fruits and veggies. An apple a day keeps the doctor away…right? Whatever it may be, there’s more reasons beyond health to eat your veggies. Want younger looking skin? Vegetables can help prevent signs of aging by nourishing the body with vitamins and their high water content. Bloated? Eat some squash, cucumber, or tomatoes to help make you look leaner. Stressed out? Munch on some mushrooms, potatoes, bell peppers or spinach. Veggies have so many benefits and you should be eating them daily, if not multiple times a day.

4. Water, water & MORE water

Are you drinking enough water? Chances are, probably not. Drinking water can prevent cancer, heighten your mood, make your skin glow, help you lose weight, and can even flush out bacteria. Forget the 8 x 8 ounce glasses a day; water intake is specific to every individual and lifestyle. Your baseline water intake is calculated using the following formula: body weight in pounds x .05 = ounces of water per day. This is assuming you do absolutely nothing all day but sit on the couch. Most of us, hopefully, do much more than this on an everyday basis (if you’re not #7 is directed at you). Exercising? Take your baseline + ((minutes of exercise per day/ 30 minutes) x 12) = ounces of water per day. Breast feeding? Increase your water intake by 32 ounces. SO many different factors go into the amount of water you need to drink daily. If you have a hard time gulping it all down you could always make it fun by infusing your water with fruits and veggies, or even getting a cute new water bottle. Whatever you do, make sure you’re getting in your recommended ounces each and every day.

5. Sit less, move more

Sitting could be slowly killing you (see our post on it here). Humans were designed to move and sitting has absolutely no health benefits. If you work at a desk, try getting a standing desk or go for a walk every hour or so. Moving is so important to keep your blood flowing and body healthy.

6. Protect your skin

Sure we all love a good tan in the summer. But the sun can be so damaging to your skin. Along with causing deadly skin cancer, the sun can cause skin discoloration, premature aging and protects from harmful UV rays. Protecting your skin doesn’t mean you can’t get a tan. Because the harmful rays are UVB, get a sunscreen that is 15 SPF and specifically protects from UVB rays. This lets the tanning power of UVA rays come through while still protecting your skin. Tans are great and all, but we recommend for the sake of your skin to avoid them all together.

7. Exercise! No excuses.

We all know exercise is necessary to keep us healthy and fit. But the best way to make it a habit is to schedule them ahead of time. By booking your classes or planning workouts ahead of time, it will keep you on track. If this doesn’t work, grab a workout buddy to keep each other accountable. Just getting started working out? Start small. Going from 0 to 7 days a week in the gym isn’t feasible long term (unless you’re an absolute beast) but starting with 2 days a week and slowly increasing is the best way to make fitness a habit.

8. Monitor your money

Creating a monthly budget is crucial to make sure you’re not over spending. Make a list of all your required monthly payments: bills, insurance, rent etc. Make a list of all of your “optional” things, the things you could live without: manicures, shopping, subscriptions. These are things you can take away each month if something pops up. Making sure you have a flexible budget in case of emergency is important. Want to start a savings? Your best bet is having it automatically deposited via payroll to make sure it happens every month.

9. Break up with your phone & social media

Technology runs today’s world, to say the least. Almost everywhere you look, SOMEONE is on their cellphone. At dinner, in the movies, at work, walking their dog. People can’t seem to just put them down and cellphone addiction has become a real thing. 67% of smartphone owners check their phone for calls or messages when their phone didn’t even vibrate or ring. It gets worse. With the average person spending nearly two hours on social media every single day, this ends up being equivalent to 5 years and 4 months over a life time. In 5 years and 4 months you could watch the entire Game of Thrones series 822 times, walk from California to New York 50 times, and climb Mt. Everest 32 times. Do you feel like you’re wasting time yet? Put the phone down. Take a break. Start by setting a time limit. 30 minutes for social media one time a day or break it up into 15 minute increments. Setting a routine will kick the habit of just aimlessly scrolling through your phone for hours at a time.

10. Stop weighing yourself

For some of us, scales are our way to make sure things are staying on track. Others, it can be an unhealthy obsession. Weight, most of the time, doesn’t measure your health. A pound of muscle occupies less space than a pound of fat so 150 pounds on one person can look completely different on someone else. Many people think very simply about weight: good if you’re losing it and bad if you’re gaining it. Weight is no measure of your fitness success, so it’s best to just leave the scale behind.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” John C. Maxwell

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Edgar Den Uijl is a health enthusiast, marketing manager and a creative writer for FIT Roller. When he is not watching boxing or enjoy Soccer you can find him traveling and enjoying his leisure time relaxing.