A Dumpster Fire and a Garbage Person Sitting by a River

DUMPSTER FIRE: I just think it’d be nice if people came up with some new phrases to express their disgust.

GARBAGE PERSON: Yeah. Why not, like, I dunno…toilet muffin.

DF: That guy is basically liquid belch.

GP: This situation is a real pair of suck socks.

DF: A failing butthole factory.

GP: A dumb orphan shriek.

DF: A lackluster gonad goulash.

GP: A barely sentient spray bottle of stupid.

DF: Sweaty sad in the shape of dead possum dick.

GP: Jag McFlaccid heralding from Who Cares, USA.

DF: Fart yogurt with fuck you on the bottom.

GP: Grease barf.

DF: Shit goatee.

GP: Hairy corncob.

DF & GP: Pee uncle.