The code is the key to determine if your company will be another level of Infrastructure management and automation. This has never so been clear as the last in recent years.
The number of opportunities for professionals like DevOps, SRE, or an Infrastructure Engineer in some markets exceeds the demand for Software Engineers.
Sounds that the tools that have been used successfully for a while seem to no longer serve teams and companies.
Nowadays, with the high demand for hybrid cloud, and even for companies that choose a unique cloud provider are failing. The tools didn’t provide support for containers, passing through virtual machines, and covering other services that want adopting best practices. …

I’m an engineer that worked with infrastructure as a system engineer at that time when we didn’t know what’s Jenkins because it was called Hudson. When NGNIX had a logo that looks like a Russian jet.

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I was reflecting on which options we have to run Kubernetes locally in my macOS. I know that on Linux the options are much more flexible because Linux is the Kubernetes home.
Unfortunately, I have to work with macOS as most of the Engineers that I have contact with. Looking for attending my requirement I made an analysis of Docker Desktop, Minikube, and Kind to understand what is the best option to run my Kubernetes Cluster.

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Docker Desktop for macOS
This option looks like so famous in the macOS users.
I installed and starts using to build some containers, start others, and making some simple tests that apparently were perfect until I enable the Kubernetes feature. After some minutes waiting for the Kubernetes cluster creates I can see how slowly my laptop was going gradually down. Trying using kubectl to install some apps or just simple commands like logs or list deployments apparently is not locally anymore based in the time to output.
Some days researching what is happening with my laptop, the latest Apple MacBook 16" 2020, I decided to disabled the Kubernetes feature to use what is good, docker support for mac.
Docker Desktop for mac decided to offer kubernetes cluster running into one Linux Virtual Machine that makes clear why it was so slow not only the creating time but in the runtime also. …


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