Hello Robert,
Dr Louis Arnoux

I don’t remember if you think we can solve the world’s energy problems with primarily solar, wind and storage. If we can’t, then we have to develop nuclear. If we can, then we’ll have to deal with converting about 1% of the land for it.

There is almost no other way short of poverty because, despite the coming efficiency improvements, the world is developing (and still populating).

“Almost” because we will have to learn how to live in a resource based society. Apps will take over management jobs and then robotics will take over the lesser paid labor jobs. Only the few will have jobs. The money needed to improve living conditions for the world will dwindle despite the rich getting richer for a time being.

I’ll still be able to paint houses but less people will be able to afford it. So, the solution is in having the machines make everything we need for free, based upon the proper management of resources (of course).

In such a civilization, there will be NO limits to the standard of living because we will be living in beautiful three dimensional cities powered by less energy than what powers our two dimensional suburban way of life. Electric minicars will transport people to many levels via rampways and cable. Such short distances required for “everything” enables less energy usage despite the greater living standards! Bicycles will be more happily used, too. Machines will print most everything needed in the home, (another loss of money?).

However, we need lots of energy to build many thousands of such AWESOME cities, to desalinate water in the desert areas, and to make fertilizer, blast our stereos, fix global warming, etc. We also need energy for the colonization of space!

So, I have utopian dreams without the capitalist limitations. That still requires a capitalist amount of energy, and therefore, I ask of you; just how are we going to do it without MORE energy???

Again, it is impossible without lots and lots of energy unless we are to go backwards (and history shows what happens when a society goes backwards).

Robert Bernal aka fireofenergy