GOOSE VPN: A Long Haul Flight to the Future

Sietse Koopmans
3 min readOct 19


My entry into GOOSE VPN was akin to any typical VPN user, tapping into the realm of online security and privacy. Little did I know that my time at this startup would become a personal quest to revamp and rejuvenate.

In its early days, GOOSE VPN soared like a fledgling bird, but started to lose altitude with time. The cause? Outdated design and technology that couldn’t keep pace with the digital skies. That’s where I came in, tasked with breathing new life into the brand and modernizing its apps.

Broken Wings

This challenge was no easy feat. GOOSE VPN was available on various platforms, but underneath the hood it was struggling with legacy code and outdated technology. Internal information was scattered, and the brand’s origin story remained hidden, making it unrecognizable.

GOOSE VPN outdated and old

Drawing a Map

To kick off our transformation journey, I began by cleaning up the nest. I crafted a comprehensive brand guide, introduced a refined design system, and mapped out clear user journeys for a simpler, more organized flight.

GOOSE VPN app user flow
GOOSE VPN user flow

A Versatile Role

As the project evolved, so did my involvement. I delved into product development, reshaped the brand’s identity, and even took a brief detour into marketing. But my primary focus remained on redesigning all GOOSE VPN apps to ensure consistency and a fresh, modern feel.

GOOSE VPN design system
GOOSE VPN design system

The Results

The results were like watching a bird in effortless flight. The apps now sported a uniform and user-friendly interface (within the constraints of each platform). We update the website with plans for a complete revamp, introduced new features, and launched a series of marketing initiatives that took reach a wider audience. Collaboration within the team soared, and our brand presence strengthened.

Goose On!

In the end, this journey showed that even in single-purpose apps like GOOSE VPN, the magic lies in the meticulous orchestration of moving parts. Achieving simplicity can be deceptively complex, and it takes the right vision to execute meaningful changes.

GOOSE VPN mascot
Evolution of GOOSE

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