Aduro H1 Hybrid Wood & Pellet Burning Stove

Introducing: The Aduro Hybrid Stove

Is this the future of wood burning? We certainly think so. The brand new Aduro hybrid stove is on its way, combining everything we love about wood burning stoves with the ingenuity of a pellet stove. Set to be unveiled this summer, the H1 is possibly the most technologically advanced wood burning stove in the world.

Now you would be forgiven for thinking the H1 was just a regular contemporary wood burning stove on appearances. In fact it is, the H1 has been adapted from the popular Aduro 9–5 wood burning stove, utilising its popular curved shell. Inside, however, is where all the magic happens. The pellet hopper is hidden in the space beneath the burning chamber and not behind or alongside it as with other hybrid stoves. They have achieved this by installing two augers to manually bring the pellets up to the burning chamber, rather than being dropped into it by gravity like a regular pellet stove. The result being that the Aduro hybrid stove looks very much like conventional wood burning stove, (with a secret).

Aduro H1 burning wood (left) and burning pellets (right)

So how do you use the H1 exactly? Is it a wood burner that burns pellets, or a pellet stove that also burns wood? The good news it that its both. The H1 works in the same way as a regular wood burner, there is a primary air supply for the fuel, a secondary air supply for keeping the glass clean and a tertiary air supply for the cleanburn system. The H1 even has Aduro’s own ‘Aduro-tronic’ air regulation system, which ensures an initial good flow to get the fire going, and then a steady reduction for a longer lasting burn.

Aduro H1 Cross-Section

So far, so normal. But when you use the H1 as a pellet stove, the augers beneath drive the pellets up into the discrete crucible at the back of the firebox where they are electronically ignited. As with all pellet stoves only the pellets in the crucible burn, giving you great control on adjusting the temperature and duration of the fire. Unlike conventional pellet stoves, there are no heat exchange components to clean and the flame expels any unburnt waste from the pellets into the main burning chamber which can be easily removed. The manual controls for the pellet operation are neatly hidden behind the lower door where you have access to the 15KG hopper that will last a good 24 hours of burning, with minimal noise and pollution.

So to recap, you can use the H1 as a dedicated wood burning stove AND as a dedicated pellet stove, but there’s more. First of all it is compatible with the Aduro smart-tronic accessory, a real must have with a stove of this caliber. The smart tronic lets you monitor the performance of your stove, giving you real time data of how well your stove is burning direct to your smart phone through the free to download app. The smart-tronic system monitors the firebox temperature and can let you know when you need to add more wood by sending you a notification to your phone or smart device. Before the H1, if you missed the notification there is a chance your fire will go out, but the H1 will switch over automatically to pellets to sustain your fire and keep your room toasty and warm. Then if you want to switch back, simply open the door and place another log inside. When the log ignites, the firebox will detect the increase in temperature and automatically switch the pellet feed off again, thus preserving your pellet supply. Now that’s luxury.

Aduro Hybrid Stove Burning Chamber and Concealed Pellet Hopper

Another scenario: its the middle of winter and you’re off to work, using the WiFi enabled smart-tronic system on your phone you could auto set the pellets to come on 30 minutes before you arrive home so that your home is nice and warm for you when you get in. Alternatively, take a few extra minutes before you leave in the morning and place logs and kindling inside the burning chamber. You can then use the self lighting pellets to ignite your wood pile, removing the need for matches, firelighters or newspaper and gives you the welcoming warmth of a real fire as you arrive home. Imagine not having to get up and refuel your stove every hour to keep the fire alight, but simply controlling it through your phone. This really is the future of wood burning!

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