Five things Video Security intercom system can do that you didn’t know

Security systems and intercoms are vital in recent times. While many are not aware of the features of the video door phones, here are few things you didn’t know they could even do!

With the number of crimes increasing in the country as well as the world in recent times, it is important to make sure that you and your family are always safe and well accounted for. To ensure that this is possible, many companies have come up with various innovative and easy safety devices and intercoms.

The beauty of these is that they can be easily installed in your home and used with discretion. You will not have to worry about leaving your home unprotected ever! One of the most commonly used systems is video door phones. These are used to contact the person on the other side of the door and authenticating their identity before they are allowed to enter your home. While this increases the level of protection itself, there are many more things you video door phones can do!

1. Remotely unlocking doors

While you needed to go manually and open the door every time you wanted to let someone in, this new feature makes it easier for you! Many video door phones come with a button that is connected to your main door or gate. Once you have decided that the person requesting entry is acceptable, you can simply push a button on the security intercom systems and open the door to let them in. It’s that simple!

2. Additional monitors

Along with having a single monitor to see the visitor requesting entry into your home, you can easily keep a tab on what they are up to with additional monitors. Many video door phones can be connected to up to four monitors. This is especially useful if you are keeping an eye on the handyman or the nanny to see what they are up to! Additional monitors normally cater to many different types of video door phones.

3. Night vision

When you are installing a camera or the outdoor unit, it comes with infrared lights that will help you make it easier to check out the visitor even during twilight or night-time. If you have switched the lights outside to low light to save energy, it is now possible to adjust the brightness of the lights with just the touch of the button. It’s simple but extremely effective!

4. Weather-proof

The Indian weather is quite unpredictable. It can be raining heavily one moment or be dry as a bone, the next. To keep this weather from affecting your security, the video door phones and outdoor units are built to survive the weather and last a lot longer. As long as it is installed properly, you do not have much to worry about!

5. Recording

Along with keeping a tab on all the people and visitors, the video door phones records all the video and audio communication, in case, you will need it as evidence or proof later on!

Keeping your family safe is your priority, and if you have been unsure about the different features of a video door phone, this list should have surely changed your mind!

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