How to become a Kleros Juror — A Step by Step Guide

Recently, Kleros announced their pilot project — Doges on Trial. If you’re interested in being a juror but don’t know how, this is the article for you.

To become a Kleros juror, you first need some PNK which is their native token. To find out more about PNK read this post. The more tokens you hold and deposit into the system, the more chance you have of being selected as a juror.

Note: This guide assumes you understand how to use Metamask and already own some ETH.

Step 1: Click on the MetaMask (fox) icon and make sure you are on “Main Ethereum Network”.

Step 2: Go to the IDEX exchange platform.

Step 3: Click on “Unlock Account” tab.

Step 4: Select “Software Wallet” -> “Unlock Software Wallet” (Or choose another option if you are not using MetaMask):

Step 5: Once your wallet has been linked, go to “Balance” tab.

Step 6: Search for Ether tokens and select “Deposit”:

Step 7: Enter the amount of Ether you would like to trade:

Step 8: Wait for the transaction to get confirmed. It’ll update the Ether balance once the tx is confirmed.

Step 9: Jump to the ETH/PNK trading pair via the “Exchange” tab.

Step 10: Enter the required fields (Price, Amount of PNK tokens) and hit the “Buy” button.

Step 11: Go to the Open Orders tab and wait for the order to close. Bear in mind, your order may not fill instantly and can take some time depending on what price you placed it at.

Step 12: Go to the Balances Tab again. Select “Withdraw” option for PNK tokens. You’ll get the tokens back to your MetaMask account.

Step 13: To see the PNK tokens in your MetaMask account, click on MetaMask icon -> Select Menu (Three horizontal lines situated at the top left) -> Click on “Add Token” at the bottom.

Step 14: Enter the following values and hit save:

  • Token Address: 0x93ed3fbe21207ec2e8f2d3c3de6e058cb73bc04d
  • Token Symbol: PNK
  • Decimal of Precision: 18

Step 15: Now you’ll be able to see PNK tokens in the menu along with other tokens/assets.

Step 17: Now that you have some PNK tokens, let’s go to Jurors Dashboard

Step 18: Click on “Tokens” tab at the top.

Step 19: Enter the amount of PNK tokens you’d like to deposit in the “Transfer PNK” field.

Step 20: Once submitted, go back to the “Home” tab. If you are in the “Activation” period (You can see what period you are in the “Tokens” tab), Click on the blue button to deposit PNK to be randomly drawn as a juror and enter the amount you’d like to deposit.

Note: It’s possible that you can’t deposit right now. Wait for the activation period to start before you can deposit.

Step 21: Congratulations! You have successfully deposited PNK into the Doge pilot. Next step, wait to find out if you are drawn as a juror.

Note: In the current implementation, you have to redeposit every time activation period starts. This will change in future implementation.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in their telegram group.

Special thanks to Stuart James (Community Manager at Kleros) for reviewing this post.

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