Tips to keep you and your family safe while using Sparklers

Fireworks constitute an essential part of our celebrations. Events like New Year’s Eve or 4th July are impossible to imagine without the fireworks. Sparklers are the most popular types of fireworks. It is a small stick type firework that can be handheld. Due to affordable price rates ease of use, sparklers became the most common type of fireworks. These are inexpensive but still we cannot afford to miss the safety measures while using sparklers at various occasions.

Tips while playing with Sparklers

People take sparklers very lightly, but they don’t realize that even sparklers can cause burns and start fires. So here are some tips worthy of making notes. Have a look-

1. Always monitor your children. The young kids don’t realize that the sparkler is hot and they might bang the business end of the sparkler into someone or something.

2. Even if there is a small party at your house, make it a rule to use all fireworks outside. There are many indoor sparklers, but still double check whether they can be used inside or not.

3. Never ever throw a sparkler. Sparklers last range 30 seconds to 3 minutes. If by mistake they land on the fabric or in dry grass, they get extended time for combustion which is risky. A sparkler burns at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and so it is really important for you to take special care of the children.

4. Another important thing which you must not overlook is quality sparklers. You must always buy high quality branded sparklers from an established retailer. Phantom Fireworks is America’s premier consumer firework retailer. Being a pioneer in the sales of consumer fireworks, Phantom has earned a reputation in the industry for quality, value and a broad range of choices it has to offer.

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