No tapdancing about it, I’m not trying to say that real networks don’t occasionally see bad stories…
Matt Waldron

Lets see some evidence for your numerous claims. also-Really, ‘real’ news networks(Nice ‘No True Scotsman’ fallacy, by the way.) retract false stories? remind me: when did WaPo retract the claims they’ve made about the ’17 intelligence agencies’ which they refer to as ‘the intelligence community’? ‘Real’ news networks DO take action, it just usually entail the excision of any left-wing viewpoint that disagrees with the corporate narrative, as has been demonstrated, time and time again. from Ed Shultz to Jesse Ventura, to Cenk Ugyr, all were unapologetically opposed to some aspect of the corporate control of our lives. Now, You can pretend all day that any of the networks you consider ‘real’ are anything more than paid PR firms for corporate america, but the evidence is fucking clear, and the ONLY REASON that people like Lee Camp, and Thom Hartmann(a progressive legend), Ed Shultz are on RT is because they were given no other chocie to speak truth to power. you can call that whatever you like, but I see no conspiracy, just faux-leftists clutching their pearls over their favorite conspiracy theory, Russiagate, and basically subverting the freedom fot he press, by burdening them with FARA requirements that have never once been applied to a news organization, depsite the profusion in our country, including larger names like al-jazeera(funded by Qatar). Sorry, We’re awake now, and no amount of tap-dancing can dodge our bullshit detectors. Enjoy the cold sweats, we’re here to REPLACE people like you.