“Are we there yet?” I asked my dad. He drove furiously through the darkness of an October night and did not reply. So I returned back to Google Maps and began to study the roads and surrounding villages. Mom was silently praying and our car driver was half asleep sitting next to me. The road to L- was unknown to both dad and car driver. Not a single soul seen on road, so you had to seek your own resources, which is where Google Maps was proving to be a handy guide. I guided my dad through narrow serpentine roads surrounded on both sides by empty fields and woods. We were travelling to the town of L — for a special mission.

We reached the town around 10 pm and next day set out to meet a holy man — parents’ mission. After reaching his home and meeting him, I was ushered into the inner rooms by his wife, who instructed me to bathe in holy water (blessed by her husband) and thus get exorcised of certain sins. Once I bolted the door, I looked around…then cried, silently cursing my fate ……

We use technology in various forms….some are visible and others partly or fully invisible. Not all private cars in my state have GPS systems in built in them. Hence it is better to depend on Google Maps, Google Earth etc to get a rough idea of what lies ahead.

Now the question remains : Are we using technology to its full potential — to connect more with others ? Or have we limited ourselves to using it for more destructive purposes. Do we end up connecting with others at all ?

  • A report by a British NGO Chayan has found that women use tech to escape from abusive partners,yet the same tech can also be used to spy on someone. The report in ( http://www.safelives.org.uk/tech-vs-abuse ) is a grim reminder that tech does not help victims of violence unless there’s supportive involvement of live humans as well. Shelter homes are not too effective if they are not connected to internet or have no language translators for instance.
  • Consider the fact that on Google Maps all the roads can be found out (provided you have wifi/ mobile data connection). So technically you can find out where someone is. Then the question strikes: would you want to get involved and save someone ? Or would you brush off the matter by saying “its none of my business” ?

The second question was what made me cry that day. Anybody could find out where I was. The only problem was that no one knew or would have tried to help me