Questions About the Software Installed in Your Brain

You just might need an update

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Just kick back, relax and think for a while about the software that is you.

You are not a computer, yet there are thousands of software programs installed in your brain. This software is also known as you. Yet somehow, despite the installation of thousands of pieces of software in your brain over the course of years, you never managed to get any documentation, and may not even know what programs were installed in you, what those programs do, who or what installed them, why they were installed in the first place, or whether at this point they help you or hinder you.

You may also have lost track of programs that were installed long ago, yet are still running by default in the background, hogging system resources and slowing your system down. It’s even possible that along the way some malware got installed in the system that is you, perhaps by your family, or your society, or a bad relationship, or an excessive interest in sports.

Perhaps it’s time to take an inventory, in the form of a set of questions about the large collection of software that runs you, for better or for worse. The purpose of these questions is to produce illumination, a burst of new awareness in the form of productive self-questioning. Considering each question carefully can produce deep, transformative insight, and all the benefits such insight provides.

Take your time. The longer you ponder, the deeper the result.

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Take a stroll in the forest of software that is you.

The questions

Do you know the purpose of each program installed in you?

Do you fully understand what each program installed in you does, and how?

Do you know when each program was installed, and why?

Do you know who or what installed each program, and why?

Of the software programs installed in you, which are from your family?

Of the software programs installed in you, which are from your society?

What proportion of the software installed in you did you choose to install yourself, after careful consideration?

Which programs run at the level of consciousness?

Which programs run below the level of consciousness?

Which programs are inherent to the hardware, and can’t be swapped out?

Are any of the programs known to have bugs or to be otherwise defective?

Do any of the programs ever lock up, spontaneously quit, hog system resources, or lock up the entire system?

In case a program locks up, do you know how to force the program to quit?

Are any of the programs slowing your whole system down unnecessarily?

Is any hidden malware installed? (Perhaps from your family? Perhaps from your society? Perhaps from the times in which you live?)

If you’re not sure any malware was installed, what might be evidence of the presence of malware on your system?

Which of the programs tend to dominate your functioning, and are you ok with that, or would you prefer that other programs receive more prominence?

Are any of the programs seriously out of date?

If you chose to update certain programs, how would you go about it?

What would be the positive results of updating some of your software?

If you wanted to install much better, more capable, more appropriate and perhaps more flexible software, where would you find it, and how would you install it?

Could you code new software for yourself, based on your own design?

Does brainwashing really sound like such a bad idea now?

I wish you the best of success and fulfillment in your software update.

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This lake is deep, and so are you.

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