FirmContact’s new Architecture

Design is in the details

Moving away from the cloud

We started in the cloud but want to offer more to our clients. To do that we need to change the way we design our infrastructure. First we start with a shiny new server. Then we deploy VMWare’s vSphere Hypervisor. This lets us roll out our new environment.

We are running a MEAN stack on a new Docker repository inside an Ubuntu flavored Linux distro. This gives us “robustability”, our goal is to attack our problem with a three prong approach.

Web Server

Our web server will host our application that runs on a MEAN stack. That consists of a Mongo DB, Express server, Angular framework and Node JS. With Node JS we get an efficient system that allows us to run on minimal hardware and maximum client availability. Our load tests indicate we can accommodate up to 10,000 concurrent users.

Database Server

We plan to run Mongo DB on a separate VM server. Mongo allows us to be easily extensible and grow as our customer’s needs grow.

Mail Server

In order to stay connected with our clients and open support tickets we are deploying Zimbra Mail server. We will be able to collaborate with our developers and support team without compromising resources. As we grow so will our environment and with Zimbra we can expand as our organization matures.

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