At the beginning of 2017 we started creating ADAMANT with a discussion of advantages over classic P2P messengers:

  • One click to create an account — no phone number or email; ADAMANT apps have no access to contacts and location;
  • No direct connections, all data goes through the distributed nodes. No access to user IP addresses.
  • All messages are end-to-end encrypted using curve25519xsalsa20poly1305. No surprise here, but ADAMANT’s advantage is completely open source code.
  • MITM attack possibility is excluded — each message is a transaction and is signed by Ed25519 EdDSA;
  • A message goes to a block. There is no way…

Now you are able to use ADAMANT Messenger not in your browser, but also as a Windows app instead. It is more convenient and also uses less memory and CPU. Switching of tabs and screens are also noticeably faster.


The desktop application was inspired by the new ADAMANT PWA (Progressive Web Application). It was made as an Electron build. The interface and abilities of ADAMANT for Windows are the same as in PWA.

ADAMANT is not only a messenger but also a multifunctional platform for working with cryptocurrencies. Eight coins are available in the desktop version: ADM (the ADAMANT project…

True, if we speak about Bitpay’s Bitcore node, then syncing definitely takes too long.

ADAMANT Messenger employed Ethereum, Dogecoin and DASH crypto wallets in the messenger’s system and Bitcoin support is coming soon. As our messaging app interacts with coins’ blockchain directly, we run separate nodes to get up-to-date transactions info.

In order to run a Bitcoin node, we have to make two certain steps. Firstly, we download and verify blockchain (Bitcoin Core) and secondly, we make an index to use Bitpay’s Bitcore API. …

Our anonymous blockchain project has been on the market for two years and three months. Since 2017 we realized that ADAMANT is something more than a mere messenger. It is a powerful platform. ADAMANT does not only send messages but also transfers and exchanges cryptocurrencies, accepts bets, provides users with 2FA and blockchain approved notifications. On top of all that, every step you take with ADAMANT is fully anonymous and private, and its source code is always waiting for you to test it.

ADAMANT is unique as it is:

The amount of analysts who predict the rates of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, draw graphs and speak mathematical terms, has been lately increasing. Their words often mean nothing.

But now everyone will have the opportunity to reinforce their opinion with a bet using ADAMANT betting bots. It’s anonymous, blockchain-proven and has automatic payments.

Bets in cryptocurrency

The bots take bets in cryptocurrency directly from the ADAMANT Messenger wallets. The bettings and payments are proven by blockchain transactions.

Bets on cryptocurrency exchange rates

If you perfectly predict the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies price — you have the opportunity to earn. …

The ADAMANT team is working hard on decentralized anonymous crypto exchanges. To that end, we have great news: a beta version of an exchanging and trading bot is already here!

It’s out in the open

From now on, ADAMANT is not only a messenger and a crypto wallet but also a convenient exchanger. You can try a beta version of our official exchanger right now, and soon enough anyone will be able to set their own trading bot.

In order to use the exchanger, leave a message here: U5149447931090026688. …

The ADAMANT team arranged a meetup on June 15. During this event, we discussed the current goals and priorities.

We approved a new look for the Android version of ADAMANT. What’s more, our team made a list of necessary features for the Beta version on Google Play. ADM wallet, API chatrooms, pin codes, and push-notifications are among these features.

We’ve recently updated ADAMANT Console and from now on, it allows reading messages’ content. It is good news for those developers that make bots for ADAMANT Messenger.

To decrypt a message, use the “Get Message” command. It returns information about a message and the message decodes itself. Please note that the message can be a Basic Encrypted Message with plain text within, or may include Rich Text Asset.

The process works the same way for JavaScript API method decodeMsg.

To send a new message, use either:

  • the “Send Message” command in Console. Console is a command line tool and it is not tied to any programming language;
  • the “Send” function in API for JavaScript.

The next Web App update is just around the corner!

The ADAMANT web application runs faster due to Vuetify framework and code refactoring. We have also improved the app’s design, which makes it more user-friendly. What’s more, you can set a dark theme if you want to. Moreover, everybody in your contact list will get a user pic. Additionally, you can turn on desktop or browser push-notifications. Finally, we have recently added DASH and KuCoin Shares to ADAMANT.

We would love to get your feedback, so do not hesitate to write us via social media. You are free to look up the app’s code at any time. Finally, do not forget to check out the demo version.

We have recently updated one of our most prominent software — pool. The forging pool distributes tokens and grants payments. To that end, we highly recommend getting the latest update, as it fixes many bugs that used to crash the service’s system. What’s more, the ADAMANT pool is less demanding of RAM.

To make this possible, we added store_history to configuration.

/** How many payout periods to store history data. Greater value needs more RAM.If store_history is 10 and payoutperiod is 5d, data will be stored for last 50 days.Payout transactions are stored forever independent from store_history value.

Elena Andreeva

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