Demand generation vs Lead generation

When marketing a product/service B2B we all create a strategy to boost our sales and create profitability but how we ever stop for a second to see the different between each other?

Demand Generation:

Can be use with inbound and outbound marketing to promote a service/product and it is one of the most expensive one, can be done with direct mail.

Demand generation is letting your niche know about your existence on which you’ll use videos, events,blogs,white papers.

Lead Generation:

We are basically trying to get consumers contact information and might be offering a free service(white papers) so in exchange they can provide an email, at the end of the day if you have a product/service you can reach out to them later or even sell their data to another party interesting in getting their data.

At the end of the day what matter is conversion rate and as much as contacts you can get more probabilities to close deals you’ll be getting.