Understand The Compressor Before Calling In AC Repair Expert In Toronto

One of the AC repair services in Toronto deals with the related compressor, the central part of cooling functions in HVAC systems. Air conditioning in general works as refrigerators dehumidifying and cooling air within the building and ensures thermal comfort so that the occupants can be at ease. The appearance of the compressor of the HVAC resembles black boxes having lines running from and to it.

What is the function of the compressor?

AC repair in Toronto involving the compressor is so crucial because when it malfunctions effective cooling will not be possible anymore. The function of the air-conditioning machines is to transfer heat taking it away from enclosed spaces and releasing two outside air. The compressor is motor driven and it powers the cycle of heat transfer. The running of the air-conditioning machines depends upon two principles. Heat always flows from the area of high temperature to low-temperature area and that the flow of the gas is always from area of high pressure to low pressure.

The cycle of air-conditioning

When the compressor will squeeze the refrigerant, it is the beginning of the cycle of heat transfer. Such a squeezing action will raise the overall temperature above that of surrounding atmosphere. It also pressurizes refrigerant taking it to liquefying point facilitating its flow across the system. Understanding the operations of the air conditioner also, help you to identify problems whenever they arise so you have to call on the AC repair services in Toronto.

The liquefied, pressurized, and hot refrigerant will flow to condenser coil, dissipating excess heat in cool atmosphere. The fan blows the air across condenser coils for facilitating excess heat transfer.

The expansion phase

Once that sheds excess heat the in the external atmosphere refrigerant will lead to evaporator, L expanding into gases at reduced pressure within the evaporator. Its location is in the spaces that requires cooling. The expansion involves heat drawn from air in enclosed spaces undergoing cooling action. This in turn will warm up the refrigerant. Cold evaporator draws air humidity and fan that blows through evaporator coil will facilitate humidity and heat transfer. You have to call on AC repair services in Toronto when the fan or the compressor does not work as it should.

Types of compressor

Scroll and piston are the two commonest types of compressor dominating HVAC systems that you come across. Piston type makes use of pistons attached with crankshaft motor driven for drawing in and compressing the refrigerant. The scroll type use orbiting scrolls present on motor driven eccentric crankshaft for sucking in the vaporized refrigerant. The compressor construction is of three types according to AC repair service in Toronto. In the units hermetically sealed, the compressor and the motor remain sealed within steel welded casing. There is no presence of leaking. For more information visit Our Website

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