Why your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is failing

If you clicked on this you probably already know what PPC means and what it can do for your website. But just to be sure we are on the same page, PPC is a great way to direct traffic to your website.

With the proper application of PPC, you can start generating visitors to your website as soon as your campaign is activated.

But it isn’t free.

In fact, depending on your campaign, using a PPC service can prove to be quite expensive. And when you partake in certain wrong PPC practices, your entire campaign can amount to flushing money down the toilet.

Thankfully, a pay per click advertising agency in the UK has some advice concerning practices that may negatively impact your PPC campaign.

1. It’s advisable not to launch a PPC campaign right after experiencing a peak selling season. It might seem appropriate to start a new series of online marketing at the end of a peak selling period with the hopes of restarting a fresh season of peak sales. But applying such a tactic might not work out quite as planned.

Immediately after a peak season, there is a natural tendency for sales to drop. It is expected. And launching a campaign immediately sales begin to decline with hopes of rekindling the marketwill in all likelihood lead to your PPC stats showing key figuresbeing lower than you anticipated. This is because the market demand has just been satiated and you will receive fewer inquiries, leads and thus fewer sales.

It’s just like feeding an overfed puppy — it serves no purpose

2. Don’t launch for the wrong reasons or without doing the proper research. Initiating a PPC campaign without first clearly determining who you’re trying to reach, how many you’re trying to reach and what you’re offering them is a strategy for failure.

Just because you heard PPC’s working wonders for someone else’s site doesn’t mean your site is ready for a PPC campaign, especially if your site hasn’t been in the least bit SEO optimized.

3. Launching a PPC campaign without double checking your settings is a bad idea. For instance, creating a new campaign without checking the country settings. Sure you’ll still get clicks, but if your site is looking for clicks from a certain location then you’ve practically just shot yourself in the foot. If your site offers services in the UK but your country settings don’t indicate such, people in Israel will visit your site and that might not do you any actual good.

You need to pay special attention to the geography, language and especially maximum budget settings.