full moon feelings

Driving home and I could feel your gaze on me.
My body instantly pulled towards your attention and I watched you.

You held me with your presence 
and I could feel us shift into a different dimension.

You’re magic that way.
You move passed the mask, passed the guarded doors 
and you touch me. 
my love. my strength. my desire.

I feel you close.
I can almost breathe you in. Consume you whole.
And I want to surrender.
Give in to this ache in my heart and unleash a storm of endless tears.

I want to surrender.
Give in to you and pleasure myself to no end.
I close my eyes to find the heat of where my moan for you exists.

My breath deepens
My eyes water
and my heart cries out.

Quickly my mind makes a memory.
This is how it feels to be seen.

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