The 3 Phases of a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing will be huge in 2016. Much more than just another marketing activity to check off your to-do list, I believe content marketing is the future of the entire marketing industry. Why? Three reasons:

It’s low-cost.

While I’d advise occasionally paying to promote your content, most content creation is inexpensive or free. You can create an e-book from Google slides or start a free blog on Wordpress. There’s no excuse to not create content.

It’s long-lasting.

Crazy news: the lifespan of a single blog post is nearly 24 times the currently accepted measurement of 30 days. And the average blog post gets 99% of its impressions after two years. Check out this new research.

It shows customers you care about empowering them, not just selling to them.

Knowledge is power, right? If content marketing really is all about sharing relevant and valuable knowledge, then content marketing is also power.

Now that we’ve established why content marketing matters, here are the three phases I envision of a successful content marketing strategy, along with a few tips and pointers for each of those phases.

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