Distribution of airdrop will start today and it will be done on ccitip bot on group all you need to do to claim your airdrop distributed is to send 0.007 ETH as tipping to me send the screenshot and also your bot total balance and get your FET in return

Signed by the admins


Has part of our job we have been able to update our logo on trust wallet have make us get more trusted token

It a wonderful news also great achievement

We are working on listing on bigger exchange as well

Just do well to hold more FET and try never to missed it is about time to hear another great news soon

Invest now and make more gain as our selfdrop is still on



Trading competition coming soon on FEDEX exchange

Over 10 ETH to be won stay on the line to get more information about how training will work



Staking of FET will start on exchange soon you will earn more for staking your token soon just stay up for more updates



Our airdrop distribution will start once ETH blocks are back to normal kindly take note if you dont complete all task you wont recieve any airdrop also be part of investors at early stage thanks


From FirstEnergytoken we say happy new month to all our dear investors and members we appreciate you for supporting our project keep investing to help us get to the moon faster than we expected


Double investment bonus Ends end soon take note!!!

Hurry now to buy more

Self drop on going minimum send

0.01 ETH Receive 100 FET

0.5 ETH Recieve 5000 FET +250%

1ETH Receive 10,000 FET+ 500% Bonus


You get instantly

Good Luck


We are listed on exchange

Dont sell your token cheaper as we look at bigger listing soon

Happy trading


Kindly join the on going add up and earn on the group

With very easy task

Claim "#FET_Airdrop2_Reward" to get your reward


First Energy

FirstEnergytoken is use as airdrop token with low supply and fee charges

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