A Peek at the Weekend

Rachael Middleton

Forecast for Friday Sep 6 — Sunday Sep 8, 2019

Friday, Sep 6 — Moon in Sag, goes void at 12:03pm (Eastern Time)

Friday has a bright beginning thanks to the Moon’s presence in forward thinking Sagittarius. The later half of the day is less productive, but a great time to tie up loose ends from existing or recently begun projects. Don’t try to start anything brand new, and if you find your phone calls don’t get returned after lunch, don’t be surprised. A lot of people will be sneaking out of work early today (and won’t be getting caught most likely).

The void moon often allows you to duck out of things without being interfered with, but it is also a hard time to make connections. The energy of the void moon is — “you are on your own” or “nothing comes of it”. Work on or finish what you have already started and decide what is of paramount importance to dedicate the rest of your energy to for the next 7 days leading up to the full moon in Pisces.

You may not be able to do everything on your list — join the rest of us in that reality — time is super limited and of major value, so as much as you can make the most of what you have to work with all the better. This weekend will not be a time for wasting time (or even thinking too much about your passion projects) the rest of the day of Friday is your last chance for that for a bit.

Saturday, Sep 7 and Sunday, Sep 8 — Moon in Capricorn

Once the Moon enters serious Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, the mood shifts to one more grounded in reality and looks to satisfy the physical needs that reality demands.

This weekend you will have to take care of business, whatever that means for you. It may mean family business even (with the Moon in Capricorn household duties and chores will be on the docket). Feeling like whatever you are doing is a chore or burden is one possible vibe, but with the moon getting so much trine action from the Virgo stellium, its not all about Saturn’s heaviness, but it is all about responding to what we have to do. Life is not about doing what we please exclusively.

Do what you need to and there will be time for pleasure soon (but not until next week probably, like Thursday and Friday when the moon enters Pisces finally, but you have a ways to go before then, so don’t freak out — step up to the plate instead. The hard part will soon be over.

Rachael Middleton

Written by

practicing astrologer and small organic farmer iheartastrology.net

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