Announcing Angel Track Fall 2018 — Now in both New York and San Francisco

By Hayley Barna and Phin Barnes

This spring, we spent three months working with 16 of the Bay Area’s most remarkable entrepreneurs and emerging investors through First Round’s inaugural Angel Track program — a masterclass for angel investors.

Angel Track Spring 2018 in action

Together, we dove into understanding founders and their vision, crafting an identity as a rising investor, and the value created by inviting different perspectives to the table and making decisions with a group. World class investors including Elad Gil, Ann Miura Ko, Alfred Lin, Jana Messerschmidt, Charles Hudson, Jessica Verrilli, Keith Rabois, Megan Quinn and our very own Rob Hayes joined as guides and shared how they think about investing, advice for emerging angels and the relationships, strategies, and founders that have shaped their careers. 
Each member of Angel Track Spring ’18 walked away with a community they can lean on and collaborate with going forward. Thursday nights have not been the same at First Round, and we can’t wait to invite this energy and thoughtful discussion back to our offices in New York and San Francisco this fall.

We’re thrilled to open applications for Angel Track Fall 2018 and usher in a new class of investors. Kicking off in September, these 12-week programs are the entry point to the Angel Track community. Structured around bi-monthly sessions hosted at First Round’s offices, each session is guided by veteran angels, entrepreneurs and established venture investors sharing how they make investment decisions and support founding teams, and what it means to invest with your peers. 
This time around, we’re offering Angel Track in San Francisco as well as launching our first New York City cohort. The New York founder community continues to inspire us, and we’re partnering with some of it’s best investors, including Joanne Wilson, Shana Fisher and Kevin Ryan, to create a unique experience for up-and-coming angels in the NYC.
At First Round, we believe there are few things more powerful than a deeply engaged community with a shared mission — and we’re excited to see one building around Angel Track.

**Applications for fall 2018 are now closed. Click here for updates on future sessions.**