Want to help us build Partnerships? We’re hiring!

We’re searching for someone to help us connect First Round-backed companies to potential customers and experts in the field.

First Round

Location: San Francisco
Status: Full-time
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We’re reinventing venture capital in service of the best entrepreneurs — connecting our founders with the knowledge, people and companies they need to have the maximum impact. We’re the world’s most founder-centric venture firm and have been fortunate to partner with companies like Square, Uber, Flatiron Health and Warby Parker. Through custom-built software, incredible in-person experiences, and a host of other unique services, we help tiny companies get big.

We’re looking for a creative people-person to help build out our Partnerships ecosystem. Apply here today!

You will roll up your sleeves to connect First Round-backed companies to potential customers and experts in the field. You’ll brainstorm and test new opportunities for them to gather valuable feedback as they figure out their early business model and sales motion. You’ll also be responsible for managing our Expert Network, a group of 500+ top operators who’ve raised their hands to help First Round companies, and making sure the right teams get the expertise they need.

Your core role in Partnerships will include:

  • Running new experiments to grow our community of potential customers and partners for our companies. In addition to our existing community, you’ll explore brand-new opportunities and networks to find more potential customers and partners for our companies.
  • Helping companies with customer development. Whether it’s a dinner, happy hour, or a brand-new format, you’ll craft unique, in-person experiences that will bring companies closer to their ideal customer so they can collect feedback and refine their pitch.
  • Managing First Round’s Expert Network. We’re always meeting with best-in-class operators that are excited to get involved in early-stage company advising. You’ll manage the end-to-end process in understanding how new experts can fit in with the needs of our companies, and facilitate introductions where appropriate.

You could be a great fit if:

  • You’ve got a knack for quickly understanding people’s problems and finding the right resources to help solve them.
  • You’d call yourself meticulous and extremely detail-oriented. You enjoy digging through data to find new insights.
  • Open and unstructured environments are your jam. You’re not too worried if you don’t have daily instruction, so long as you have your north star.
  • You love planning and facilitating unique, creative gatherings that go a level deeper than your typical dinner.
  • You have a great executive presence and have engaged with top operators and seasoned CEOs.

You might have been a field organizer or a GM of a new market before. Or, you might be a super connector who finds deep satisfaction in bringing people and teams that should collaborate together. Maybe you’ve been in a partnerships role in the past. In any case, you love bringing organization, creativity and enthusiasm into your work each day. And of course, you believe and live our values:

  1. We serve entrepreneurs. We owe them our unvarnished opinion and unwavering support.
  2. We honor quality. The little things matter. High standards and attention to the craft are valued here.
  3. We favor action and think long-term. We decide and execute with urgency today. We define success with the long-term in mind.
  4. We cherish diversity and inclusion. The strongest communities around the world are diverse and inclusive. We work hard to make sure ours is, too.
  5. We do things our own way. We choose to be original and find unique, creative solutions to our biggest problems.
  6. We have fun. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

First Round is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive workspace. We encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply because we believe that our diverse team helps us build and serve the strongest community of entrepreneurs.

If any of this sounds like you, apply today!

Photo: iStock / Getty Images Plus /MicroStockHub

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