We’re Hiring a Community Manager at First Round

As our new Community Manager, you’ll bring amazing people into First Round’s extended community — and then help move their startup careers forward.

Interested? Apply today (full-time in San Francisco).

First Round is reinventing venture capital by focusing on connecting entrepreneurs with the knowledge, people and companies they need to have maximum impact. We help small companies get big and people advance their careers in startups through custom-built software, unique services and incredible in-person experiences. We’ve already been fortunate to partner with companies like Square, Uber, Flatiron Health and Warby Parker.
As a Community Manager, your mission will be to develop First Round’s extended community of experts, mentors, angel investors and company builders. That means handling everything from advancing initiatives like Angel Track to expanding our engagement in emerging technology sectors to figuring out how we can better support loyal readers of the First Round Review.
As Community Manager you will:

  • Plan and facilitate exceptional in-person events. You’ll focus on bringing together our extended community in new and creative ways through guided dinners and multi-session learning programs. You’ll own everything from designing session content to curating participants to picking the food options.
  • Scale programs. Angel Track is a great example of a program that’s firing on all cylinders. You’ll help grow the program to deliver a world-class experience for emerging angel investors. This includes finding more amazing instructors, building standardized processes, developing curriculum, and running admissions for new cohorts.
  • Launch new micro-communities. You’ll deeply understand the needs and interests of First Round community members and use those insights to develop new programs to help them level up in their careers and connect with peers or mentors.
  • Increase access to the First Round community. We have seen our community get stronger as we add more people with different experiences and backgrounds. You’ll be broadening access to First Round, giving more people an opportunity to actively engage in our initiatives, especially those who are underrepresented in tech.

You could be a great Community Manager at First Round if:

  • You get energy from meeting others, and you enjoy building relationships.
  • You like building playbooks and processes to turn loose ideas into structured initiatives.
  • You have a knack for details and have yet to see a ball drop.
  • You’re excited to work on tons of projects at once.
  • You bias toward action and for getting things done.
  • You like to problem solve and look for creative solutions.

Maybe you’ve been a community manager before. Maybe you host dinners with friends and colleagues in your spare time. Or maybe you spend more time building relationships than anything else in the world. If any of this sounds like you, apply today!

First Round’s Values

  1. We serve entrepreneurs. We owe them our unvarnished opinion and unwavering support.
  2. We honor quality. The little things matter. High standards and attention to the craft are valued here.
  3. We favor action and think long-term. We decide and execute with urgency today. We define success with the long-term in mind.
  4. We cherish diversity and inclusion. The strongest communities around the world are diverse and inclusive. We work hard to make sure ours is, too.
  5. We do things our own way. We choose to be original and find unique, creative solutions to our biggest problems.
  6. We have fun. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.