We’re Hiring a Community Manager to Join our Platform Team

Help us support the next generation of Founders and Startups.

We’re kicking off a search for a Community Manager to join our team at First Round in San Francisco. Interested? You can apply here.

A bit about us: we’re reinventing venture capital in service of the world’s most talented entrepreneurs. We believe that companies move forward when the people behind them are connected with the right resources, people and knowledge at the right time. Most of the best information about building startups is still stuck inside the heads of entrepreneurs — and we’re obsessed with liberating that through technology, content and in person experiences.

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Our 16-person Platform team is focused on turning a portfolio into a Community. As a Community Manager your mission will be to continue to develop and grow the First Round Community. This means everything from helping increase the level of engagement on Network, our internal platform that connects everyone inside of our companies together, to identifying, supporting and introducing the best subject matter experts to each other from across the companies we’ve backed.
 Your core role as Community Manager will include:

  • Managing First Round Network, our online community. Some of this includes setting up Ask Me Anything sessions, helping find answers to questions on the forum, and creating playbooks for our companies.
  • Planning and facilitating offline events. You’ll focus on areas where our companies need the most help and build structured learning sessions so companies can exchange knowledge.
  • Scaling programs. Our Mentorship Program is a great example of a program that works really well. You’ll help scale up our program so we can serve more community members. This includes finding more amazing mentors, building standardized processes, and making more matches.
  • Increasing access to the First Round community. We know that diverse teams build better companies, and we have seen our community get stronger as we add more people with different experiences and backgrounds. You’ll focus on bringing new advisors and talent, especially those underrepresented in tech, into our community.

You could be a great Community Manager at First Round if:

  • People have said you make them feel warm and welcome in any situation.
  • You get energy from meeting others, and you enjoy building relationships.
  • You care deeply about entrepreneurs and care about their success as much as they do.
  • You have a knack for details and have yet to see a ball drop.
  • You’re excited to work on tons of projects at once.
  • You bias toward action and getting things done.
  • You like to problem solve and look for creative solutions.

Maybe you’ve been a community manager before. Or maybe you’ve spent a couple of years leading the inclusion initiatives at your company. Maybe you host dinners with friends and colleagues in your spare time. Or maybe you spend more time building relationships than anything else in the world. If any of this sounds like you, apply today.

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