We’re Hiring a Talent Manager at First Round

As our new Talent Manager, you’ll bring amazing people onto the First Round core team ― and then help make sure they’re successful.

Interested? Apply today (full-time in San Francisco)

First Round is building the world’s most founder-centric venture firm. We’re reinventing venture capital by focusing on connecting entrepreneurs with the knowledge, people and companies they need to have maximum impact. We help small companies get big through custom-built software, unique services and incredible in-person experiences. We’ve already been fortunate to partner with companies like Square, Uber, Flatiron Health and Warby Parker.

Our new Talent Manager will recruit for our internal team at First Round and then help us make sure those team members can do their best work. That means building programs to support onboarding, individual development, career pathing and then offboarding. Simply put, we want to find the best people, develop their talents, and turn them loose to support our ambitious entrepreneurs.

As Talent Manager you will:

  1. Recruit employees. You’ll lead our search for new First Round employees. With some employees in program based, rotational roles, we need constant support on internal hiring. You’ll build pipelines, meet with top candidates, and help make sure First Round is operating at the highest level.
  2. Standardize the employee experience. It’s all about making each employee’s journey a successful one, from in-depth onboarding, ongoing training, professional development opportunities and proper career pathing. You’ll help redefine positions, tenures, responsibilities, goals and outcomes, and make sure that each role is closely tied to First Round’s mission.
  3. Design and execute our offboarding experience. Many First Round team members join for 2–3 years with a frank goal to join or found a startup afterwards. You’ll help make these transitions smooth and impactful for the team members and for First Round.
  4. Be a culture beacon. We are looking for someone who exemplifies First Round’s values. You’ll be action-oriented, experiment-minded, and entrepreneurial. You’ll focus on creating the best culture, which will include implementing culture surveys and standardizing processes across our 3 offices nationally.
  5. Champion Diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe in the power of a community that is well-represented and want to weave D&I into everything we do. Help us ensure that our Recruiting and Retention strategies have diversity top of mind.
  6. Help our companies with recruiting. When hiring is slow at the firm, we hope that you’ll help our companies recruit top talent.

You could be our new Talent Manager if:

  • You have a few years of recruiting experience
  • Your friends and colleagues come to you asking you for career advice
  • You can’t remember the last time you dropped a ball
  • You believe that community has the power to spark progress
  • You lean toward action and getting things done
  • You like to problem-solve and find creative solutions

Maybe you’ve been on the recruiting team at a consulting firm. Maybe you’ve been in learning and development at a large tech company. Maybe you’ve run people operations for a startup. If any of this sounds like you, apply today!