We’re Hiring an Office Manager for our San Francisco Office

Title: Office Manager, Full time
Location: San Francisco

Apply here for the role, today

We’re reinventing venture capital in service of the best entrepreneurs by focusing on connecting our founders with the knowledge, people and companies to enable them to have the maximum impact. We want to be the world’s most founder-centric venture firm and have been fortunate to partner with companies like Square, Uber, Flatiron Health and Warby Parker. Through custom-built software, incredible in-person experiences, and a host of other unique services, we help tiny companies get big.
As our Office Manager, you’ll be dedicated to making every touchpoint for those that come into our space, remarkable. We believe in the power of meticulously designed experiences — and you’ll be point on making everyone in our community feel valued.

Network +Women Launch Event in our San Francisco Office

More specifically, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Being the first point of contact for everyone, from prospective founders to the CEOs who walk through our doors everyday
  • Inventing and owning the overall First Round office experience end to end, including expense management, office inventory management, booking our event space, and liaising with the landlord.
  • Helping set up all of the events (often 2–5 per week!) that take place in the dining room of our SF office. That includes intimate CEO Salons to larger talks and evening Unconferences. We believe in the power of bringing people together in person and you’ll be the lynchpin in making that happen.

You’d be a great fit if the following describes you:

Creating great experiences for others is a passion of yours. It could be you’ve spent time in hospitality or like to host beautifully designed dinner parties. This role is all about empathy and the desire to support others.

You love the nitty gritty of operations. You most likely have a color-coded calendar and can make lists for days. When you’re tracking and organizing things, you’re in your happy place. There’s no other option for you but extreme perfectionism and focus on the details. We sweat the small stuff here and it shows.
You’re an execution machine. When you’re tasked with something, it’s done with the utmost thought and care. You feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing a project come to fruition and can’t wait to take on the next task with the same level of energy.
You are humble. You understand that office management and events are not just about building and executing robust game plans, but also about anticipating people’s needs before they even realize it. In order to deliver this level of experience, there is no task too big or too small for you to tackle.
If any of this sounds like you, apply today!

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