Working Sessions With Top Product Leaders — Now Open in San Francisco

By Olivia Teich, Product Co-op Partner

To help founders working at the earliest stage, the San Francisco Product Co-op is hosting a series of expert working sessions throughout the month of February. As a quick refresher, we started the Product Co-op last year as a First Round-affiliated group of seasoned product operators in NYC and SF who both invest in and advise early companies. Now we want to do more.
During these working sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with me or my Co-op Partners Max Mullen and Paul Rosania, paired with exceptional product leaders we admire from Airbnb, Square, Oculus and Dropbox. Together, we’ll spend a half hour giving you actionable feedback on your product or working through a specific challenge you’re facing. For example, we can help with:

  • Product feedback on your MVP or beta product
  • Product strategy to decide what features to build next
  • Usability and design challenges in your mockups or prototype
  • Reaching and engaging your first customers
  • Strengthening your pitch
  • Building out an effective team

Spots are limited, so submit a brief application now. We can be most helpful if you’re just getting a company off the ground, prepping for your first round of funding, or tackling a particular problem. All sessions will be hosted at First Round’s San Francisco office.

Session 1: Max Mullen (Instacart) & Ayo Omojola (Square)
Monday, February 12th, 7pm — 9pm

Session 2: Paul Rosania (Slack) & Madhu Muthukumar (Oculus VR)
Thursday, February 15th, 3pm — 6pm

Session 3: Olivia Teich (Dropbox) & Evan Tana (Dropbox)
Wednesday, February 21st, 9am — 11am

Session 4: Olivia Teich (Dropbox) & Jonathan Golden (Airbnb)
Thursday, March 1st, 9am — 11am

We all love building great products and investing in people and companies at the earliest stages. We hope to see you soon!

Apply now to join a working session

Applications will close February 19.

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