Getting Pregnant — How Long does it take

There is no exact time frame for getting pregnant. This, obviously varies from person to person and also from factor to factor. However, for a general information, there is a typical process and time frame to conceive.

In a normal course, woman gets pregnant within three months but this time frame may vary from person to person, depending upon her health condition and age. This duration also varies due to infertility issues, improper lifestyle and certain addictions. However, considering the trend by the majority, there could be a data drawn as the general time needed to get pregnant.

1. Out of all the couples trying to get pregnant through normal process, around 30 percent of them get pregnant in the very first cycle itself which means, within the month.

2. About 59 percent of the total percentage gets pregnant by the third cycle which means around three months.

3. Now, it is the huge chunk of 80 percent of the population who takes about six cycles, which is around six months to get pregnant.

4. 85 percent women takes a full year to get pregnant normally.

5. However, the largest chunk is of 93 to 95 percent of women who takes around 4 years that is 48 cycles to get pregnant.

Hence, it is always advisable that if you do not conceive within the 1 year’s cycle, ten to go and consult the doctor. Often if there is any fertility issue, it takes some time to conceive. Hence, trying out something on your own or waiting for the right time to get pregnant is not the right approach towards this. It is always better to consult a doctor and get the right guidance and treatment. Of the total population, most women conceive naturally. The percentage comes to around 85 percent. But, for those who do not get it naturally, the best person to get in touch with is your doctor.

About Author:

Dr. Priti Gupta is a specialized infertility specialist in Delhi and NCR. She has learned about IVF in USA . She is now running her IVF center in west Delhi which is quite famous and prominent.