UTI Symptoms in Men with Lower Abstract

One of the major problems of men is UTIs which are not easily detectable and LUTS is lower urinary tract symptoms which is a term used to explain or describe a broad range of symptoms which are related to lower urinary tract like prostate, bladder and urethra. These are widely grouped into disruptive symptoms or irritable symptoms. A man may face both systems or one system or all systems. It depends upon the person only.

Now let us discuss about Voiding or Obstructive Symptoms

Hesitation: A long wait for urination or streaming than normal or usual procedure.

Feeble and badly directed flow of urine.

Straining problem while urination.

Irregular stream along with Dribbling after urination results in finished straining.

Chronic urinary retention — not all urine is passed from the bladder causing a need to urinate more often.

Overflow or paradoxical incontinence — Urine overflows from a full bladder uncontrollably even though normal urination may be difficult to start.

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