What Affects Fertility in Women and How It Can Be Cured?

Are you having difficulty in conceiving? Well, chances are that might you might be suffering from female infertility. Today, infertility seems to be becoming a major concern among women worldwide. There are numerous factors that cause female infertility, including poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, fallopian tube damage, ovulatory problems, endometriosis, etc. In fact, hormonal imbalance can lead to infertility.

Through this article we will be looking at the biggest factors behind infertility in women. Also, we’ll talk about how such a problem can be cured.

3 Most Common Factors Causing Female Infertility

Let’s have a brief overview of the major factors that causes infertility in women:

  • Endometriosis

Endometriosis results in 30–40 % infertility cases in women. Such a problem happens when tissue that grows in the uterus expands in some other location. This interrupts implanting a fertilized egg and prevents conception. Usually, women having symptoms such as irregular bleeding, abdominal pain or pelvic cramps suffer from endometriosis.

  • Damage or Blockage in Female Tube

The second most common reason behind female infertility is damaged or blocked uterus (or Fallopian) tube in females. The Fallopian tubes are two fine tubes that help in passing mature egg to the uterus from the ovaries. Thus, any sort of damage to the tubes or blockage increases the risk of infertility in women to 15–20 %. However, the problem with Fallopian tubes can be treated with the help of Laparoscopy.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Many women experience frequent changes in hormones, which could cause problems with ovulation, thereby causing difficulty in conception. If such an issue is detected, then blood tests are conducted to check hormone levels. IHR’s Hormonal Infertility experts diagnose the cause of hormonal disorder and help determines the treatment that can correct hormonal infertility.

Most Recommended Ways to Prevent Infertility

The best way to cure the problem of infertility is to consult a fertility specialist who will conduct necessary tests to detect the main cause behind infertility. After the problem is detected, your specialist will make you follow the course of treatment to cure your condition. And now let’s discuss some key tips to prevent infertility:

  • Maintain healthy weight and diet.
  • Quit smoking and reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Seek assistance of a gynecologist when planning to conceive after the age of 35.


Hopefully reading this article will help you better understand the factors that results in female infertility and ways to cure such a problem.