30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 8 — What are 5 passions you have?

I️ have always regarded myself as a very passionate person. I️ immerse myself into whatever I’m doing and however I’m feeling. When I️ start something I️ try to make a point to give it my all and I️ care very deeply.

There are definitely some things that I️ am passionate about I’m not sure if five is enough but I’ll certainly narrow it down!

I️ am passionate about…
  1. Writing — something about making words come alive without having to speak them is so beautiful. I️ don’t have to use my tone to make my words have the effect they need, I️ just need the right words in the right order. It’s relaxing and fun and I️ believe that if more people utilized the power of words and a good vocabulary and tone we could get a lot more figured out!
  2. Singing — I️ have a gift of natural harmonization. (Is that correct? I️ hope so.) I️ can listen to a song once or even just halfway through and pick up the harmony instantly. When I️ sing along with worship from the congregation or when I️ sing along to the radio it’s usually always the harmony. The fact that I️ am able to do that drives my inhibitions to sing. I️ don’t have to take the lead. I️ can just sing and find that layer and it makes me so happy. Singing is like therapy to me. I️ don’t need anything except for my voice and that’s always with me.
  3. My Husband — I️ say my husband and now my marriage because even if we weren’t married I️ would still be passionate about him. I️ want to know how he’s doing and if his soul is taken care of. He’s a wonderful man and if I️ can spend my time loving him and appreciating him and every moment we spend together I️ know that I️ will live a fulfilled life.
  4. My Son (and animals) — I️ won’t meet my son for another couple of days but his time in my womb has been extraordinary. He and I️ have come to share a bond that I️ can’t explain. I️ have a cat and a dog as well and nothing means more to me than knowing my babies are safe and happy and healthy. There isn’t a time at all that I️ forget that I️ have little ones relying on me and I️ try to do justice as their mom…even if I️ didn’t give birth to them. I’m a sucker for four paws and a wet nose and a gummy smile and sweet little toes!
  5. Jesus — How can I️ not be passionate about someone that is so passionate about me?! Jesus will always be my first love. He gave His life to save my soul and to allow me to walk this earth in imperfection without fear of condemnation. Loving Jesus is something that I️ don’t have to work hard to do. It’s in my heart and I️ love talking about Him and praising Him and everything in between. Passion breeds passion. He sowed a seed of life into me that came from a place of passion. How can I️ not be passionate for that?
To be able to be passionate about things is the greatest ability we have as humans.

We are passionate about things that are in our hearts; it’s how they continue to grow.

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