My Husband is Better Than Me.

I️ am nowhere near perfect. Not even close. Not even a little bit.

And I️ don’t pretend to be.

Josue and I️ spend a lot of time together despite how crazy our schedules are between his job and is preparing for the baby at home.

It’s so easy to lose track of each other but somehow we have managed to keep up. That also means that we can be there for each other more often in times of need — even when we don’t ask for it.

Our marriage has thrived for the past four months and Josue has become so used to building me up and encouraging me that he doesn’t even think twice anymore when I️ need it.

We got into it with our neighbor over something so ridiculous but it showed us her true colors. I️ felt so angry and upset and I️ ended up saying some things that I️ didn’t mean to say. They weren’t kind or productive or helpful and I️ just felt awful for saying them.

God says to let our words be sweet like honey and mine were definitely not. Josue was quick to remind me that I️ needed to be the bigger person.

I️ wanted to stay angry and feel hurt because I didn’t think it was right that she was saying the things she did because they weren’t true and they hurt me. I️ was letting my emotions control me and the enemy’s voice tell me to stay mad.

Josue looked me in the eyes and I️ knew that whatever he said next would be right and I️ wouldn’t like it. And I️ was correct.

He told me that sometimes we need to be the bigger person. I’ve heard that before. But he was so sincere and I️ couldn’t help but try to ignore it. He kept telling me that I️ wasn’t wrong for being upset but what I️ said to her was wrong and the way I️ reacted was. He knew I’d feel bad if I️ didn’t apologize.

It took a while but I️ finally caved and apologized. And he was definitely right.

She responded in a way that could have made me angry but I️ had apologized and took responsibility for my words and that meant that any reaction she had wasn’t valid and I️ didn’t have to keep acknowledging her.

I️ was so proud of him. The man I️ married is a man of honor and a man that protects me and helps me to choose the correct path when I️ need help. I️ had never been happier to be married to him.

He is doing what God created him to do: loving me and leading me.

I️ want our marriage to always be blossoming in new ways and it is. We are constantly becoming closer and better friends. I️ can’t imagine me without him.

He doesn’t love me because I’m perfect. He loves me even though I’m not perfect. That’s why I️ try to be better.

I️ love my husband because he is better than me and I️ appreciate that.

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