It doesn’t mean timid and it doesn’t mean weak. Silence is golden, right? Silence allows you to think before you react. It allows you to choose another path and to give in to God’s will rather than to your own. Being quiet allows you freedom.

Josue (my beloved) texted me today while at work and told me that his coworker had gone to their boss and said something that wasn’t true about him and his partner. They work for a small business that contains four of them; five including the boss.

He wasn’t very happy that his coworker had not only thrown him under the bus but had done it dishonestly.

In that moment, I thought about what I would tell my son to do. I knew I would want him to handle it in a way that God would suggest so I told him to ignore it.

He wasn’t in trouble. He wasn’t going to lose hours or pay or even credibility so there was really no actual harm done.

I told him to go to work tomorrow, do his job and come home. Those tasks don’t require him to talk to the guy or to even show any sign of reaction. This is the best revenge because it isn’t revenge. It’s peace.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts” – | Colossians 3:15 |

I would rather my husband put his troubles away and give them to God because in turn it makes my family want to do the same. Our future is whatever we make it and making decisions that honor God and set our family up to succeed means that our future is going to be brighter, stronger and more beautiful!

Our son will learn peace quicker if we teach it. To teach it effectively we must live it.

We must live the truths that we tell.

I felt better telling him to do that and we dwelled less on the issue and more on something productive and positive. So instead of giving in to the temptation of anger and reaction we should just have peace and move on. We can pick our battles.

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