Purpose seems to be everywhere you turn at the moment; not a day seems to pass when you don’t hear about it. Purpose is in just about every business newspaper and magazine you read — from the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times to Forbes, Fast Company, even Harpers Bizarre. But if you’re a conscientious small business, looking to make a lasting difference, how do you go about identifying your reason-for-being? What can you learn from big business success?

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The bar has never been higher for business and brand. Not only must corporations prove their worth, by never faltering on the delivery of a great product, but to stand any chance of survival, they must earn their stripes by making a world of difference.

A face-mask littering the natural environment
A face-mask littering the natural environment
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With the UAE firmly committed to a national tour­ism strategy — positioning the country to be among the foremost destinations in the world — cultivating a deeper understanding of brand asso­ciation and affinity, particularly leading up to Expo 2020 Dubai, has never been more important.

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Traditionally when faced with the choice of financial institution, trust, ease of access, quality services and reduced costs, all feature vehemently. Yet, with the proliferation of technology, automation and growing blockchain disruption, the value of trust is increasing exponentially.

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Analytics is everything. Capital use is analytics; performance is analytics; brand-building is analytics; as is politics, social progress, even agricultural yield. Yet, despite its ubiquitous nature — providing foundations for better, more informed decision making — leveraging data analytics is far from simple. Particularly for today’s CEO.

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While many Asian businesses have long enjoyed successful relationships with their domestic audiences, many have struggled to break-out onto the international stage.

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Asian Brands Vs Western Brands

As consumers become conscious of their carbon footprints, green issues are at the core of their purchasing decisions. The future belongs to products made using green technology and clean energy.

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This article, written by Reena Amos Dyes, first appeared in the April 2010 edition of Emirates 24/7, published by Dubai Media Incorporated.

The importance of marking our property dates back thousands of years, where pictures and motifs were placed on objects and domains as a simple sign of ownership and existence.

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What is a trademark?


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