Journey #1 Into What Americans Call Beer

This little tale all begins with what Americans call Beer…To an Australian American beer is really like water, like most things to Australians its not insulting just an affectionate jibe at our over the ocean brothers in much the same way the British hate what Australian beer tastes like. To the Poms (British), our highly carbonated, light coloured beers served ice cold are an afront to the dark, low carbonated beverages the Poms call beer. During my journeys there are a few revelations I have discovered about beer:

  1. Every nation drinks it in one form or another
  2. Every nation has their own local beer (that no one else will truly understand)
  3. The local beer will suit the climate/weather of the country

Poms never see the sun (Scientifically proven fact!) therefore their beer is made to consume on cold, drizzly days inside hence the beers that you would imagine a mole who has never been outside would like to consume in their little hollow whereas us Australians love to drink outside bathing in our ozone damaged country of melonoma. We need beers that quench the thirst and cold as an igloo!

Asia has traditionally very light, carbonated beers as well (close to the equator), similar to Mexican beers. South America has a little more of a range of tasting beers from the lighter northern beers to the heavier beers more down south…But I have mostly found them to be fairly light in the beer scale.

All these ramblings brings me to the first of my American beers, living in Louisiana I thought I should try one of their tasty local beverages…and one that people here drink not just the bud lite/miller that they ship overseas pretending to be American beers (unlike Australia where NO-ONE drinks Fosters, lots of people only like bud lite)…but Abita is a local Louisiana brewery.

I bought three 6-packs to get a sampling of the range, Amber, Purple Haze and their seasonal Octoberfest, Amber is a good sessionable beer (i.e. you could drink plenty of it and not get sick of it)…Octoberfest is awesome and Australians would like it but its only on sale for 2 months ☹ and finally Purple Haze is the most interesting.

It is a beer (fairly light) but brewed with Raspberries and Holy Shit it tastes like Raspberries! They say there could be some sediment in the bottles which is pretty cool. Its got a distinctive beer/red tinge color to it and not very carbonated. The beer has a great flavour and would highly recommend trying it out, and I find it as the beer that I like to start drinking in the afternoon early in the day but definitely dont feel like a second (its a strange beer like that the Raspberry is very overpowering. I dub it the anti-sessionability beer but still damn great to drink.

The journey has only just begun, there are many more beers to try, hate and love along the journey between my cocktail making.

Over and out!

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