Android Oreo takes a bite out of Progressive Web Apps

Android Instant Apps are the only mention to something related to the Web or browser in the Android Oreo website. It seems to repeat last Google IO keynote, where Android Instant Apps appeared as more important than PWAs from an Android’s perspective.

Broken Add to Home Screen

No icon appears after Adding on the Home screen on Samsung Internet and Opera using Oreo

New Installation Process in Chrome

This screen appears after we accept the icon installation dialog

Icons are not what you expect any more

The Chrome badge now appears on every PWA icon on the Home Screen
On Android Oreo, icons have the badge and if they are not a perfect centered circle, they are embedded inside a white circular icon, reducing their original size.

Update 8/23: Chrome’s response after a few days

WebAPK will be our hero

Public Open WiFi hotspots now under a VPN

Android 8 goodies not available to PWAs

Someone though this was a good idea. But Android Oreo has some good ideas we want to see in PWAs.

Any good news?

Chrome and PWA emulation

Android 8 Emulator now includes Chrome for Web and PWA testing, including the ability to connect a Remote Inspector

Picture-in-Picture for video playing

PiP works with most HTML5 video tags. Somehow, it’s not working on YouTube so I’m sorry, you won’t be able to watch Despacito again in PiP mode.

Google needs to work harder on PWAs

PWAs with Oreo?

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