The Extensible Web Manifesto is great and it is awesome that Service Workers allow us low-level access like that so we can experiment with different high-level solutions in JS libraries and eventually standardize and implement natively the ones vetted by the community
If you’re idea all along was something along the lines of: “The Extensible Web Manifesto is great…
Tobie Langel

Several things here: 1) I don’t think everything has to do with the Extensible Web Manifesto; I don’t think most people on the web community -besides the micro-weather of Twitter- even knows about it, 2) I agreed to it when it appeared, that’s all, I’m not going to start every post talking about it, 3) I can only be responsible for what I said and the limitations I might have to do so, I can’t be responsible of some people just scanning the article for keywords and creating their own article., 4) I didn’t write exactly the phrase you wanted, but I did say several things in that point, such as “A Service Worker is a powerful new ability that lets us execute JavaScript in the background outside of an HTML document’s context.”, “I love what’s coming on the web thanks to Service Workers, don’t get me wrong”, “If you want to manage all your HTTP requests with the fetch event, that’s great. It’s great to have the ability to do it”

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