In the previous chapter, we had a brief introduction to slim3 and we set up our application to use Laravel’s Eloquent to communicate with our database. We also created our database schema and setup Phinx to help with our migration files. Finally, we included a validation package that ensures our users submit the right data to our API.

In this guide, we will proceed to build our controller and models. We will also create endpoints and test the output data using Postman.


  • You have read the first part of this guide
  • Have Postman installed on your local machine

Make an endpoint that creates offers and vouchers

Before we…

Slim framework took off in 2013 when Josh Lockhart released the first version of the framework. The idea was to create a PHP micro framework that helps PHP developers quickly and easily write web applications and APIs. Over time, Slim has risen to the point of competing with other PHP frameworks, like Laravel, Symphony, Codeigniter amongst others.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a voucher pool microservice application using Slim 3 framework. We will build a voucher pool which will be a collection of voucher codes that customers can use on a website in order to get…

I am not much of a writer, neither a poet; but someone once said:

“If you want to be extraordinary, You have to stop doing the ordinary”.

I believe as Humans, we all are under-utilizing our senses, Most especially our brain as regards to logical thinking and exploring its capabilities. (I am not here to argue about the 10% myth)

I am yet to find anyone who can boldly say “I am using my brain to the best of its capabilities”. The question is how do we know its capabilities? How do we measure it?. Is there a physical yardstick…

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