Adam Fishman
Apr 14, 2017 · 1 min read

Full disclosure, I work for Patreon:

The thing is… there is a site that already does this and does it very well. It’s called Patreon and when you become a paying member of a writer on the platform (either monthly or per piece — their choice when they set up their page) they keep about 92% of that money. You’re paying them directly because you like their work. And it’s way more smooth than PayPal. Some Medium writers are already using Patreon and we see more joining every day. And independent journalists. And writers who also make a podcast. And illustrators who also write. The list continues endlessly. At Patreon, our audience is the creator. From our inception that has been who we care about. And we care about getting creators paid for the value they provide to the world.

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