Really Everything is Someone

A Car Door Lock by Anna Smeragliuolo

A Computer Charger by Gastón Lisak

A Sofa by Kuba Kulesza

A Security Camera by Francesca Tur

A Toilet by Ellen

A Thermostat by Mantas Slilis

A Robot Pet by Yuxi Liu

A Coffee Machine by Romy Gad el Rab @Romy_Gad

Alexa’s Confessions by Lucia Cincera

A roof window by Luca Mustacchi

A Fridge by Elise Andersen

A pet food dispenser by Mick Jongeling

A pillow by Mario Mimoso

A yoga mat by Ilaria Zonda

A Healthcare robot by Millaray Vega

A Self-driving car by Tony Seijas

  • The weather
  • The music is too loud
  • How can I get here or there
  • Coronavirus?? I don’t understand this but humans keep asking me the same
  • How can I know better about you so I can just give you the right mood on any trip?
  • What did I learn from all the passengers I carried in the last years and how is it all connected?
  • Why did you did this trip today? Couldn’t it be done in a different way? (ok ok, this is against my own happiness but… I can answer that)




partner of , member of @automato_farm & lecturer @ciid

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Simone Rebaudengo

Simone Rebaudengo

partner of , member of @automato_farm & lecturer @ciid

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