What is VR made for ?

Yeah it’s happening ! Those words a close friend of mine used when i told him there is a 48 hours countdown until Oculus Rift CV1 pre-order mean 2016 will be another VR big year. From that perspective we will see more and more people coming in this new world. It’s exciting because it will bring more and more VR content into our headsets. In the other hand i believe the core community have to evangelize with more and more playtest and advices for a better VR experience. I’m really convinced that early adopter will be a key factor of VR success or failure. Also we should explain what is VR, what it means and what it’s made for.

We should really explain VR games are not just brining Call of BattleCreed in VR but a complete rethinking of what is gaming is in real life. In my last post i’ve listed demos i’ve mainly use to bring new people in VR. All of them are VR completely new games not VRed games. Again, we should explain that a modern FPS is not designed to be played in VR and motion sickness and other VR related will wait for you at every corner. We are not prepared to be VR, we are human into RR — the (true) real reality — and we need to go step by step to be able to spend more time into a VR headset.

I’ve a made a mistake once with one of my friend and i’ve quite ruined his appealing for VR. Mix not enough FPS and too much time into the VR headset plus the smell of a quite new Oculus combined to motion sickness. You will obtain a friend that don’t want to rift anymore. Even 6 months later, he is still reluctant to try new demos.

I really hope more VR Hub like JanusVR will appear. I have a also discovered Anarchist which sounds promising. We know Lucky’s Tale will be bundled with Oculus Rift. Nice effort. But it’s promoting games when it’s the last thing the platform needs. There are several good VR games, many cool demos, a lot of promising projects. But it’s still games. And with a VR headset you can be everywhere, with your hands and your sight… would you only play games rather than interacting with this new world ? I bet no. So please teach VR newcomers VR is not made for games it’s made for exceeding your creativity.

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