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It’s customary of me to wait a few weeks between articles. I’m breaking with custom now so as to follow on to my last entry, in which I explained how I got the inspiration for my novel Joshua.

The blogger who emailed me about the story also told me, and her readers, that she believed the bullying I portrayed in my story was a little too brutal, a little over the top. I found this puzzling at first, as I did not believe that bullying was a central theme in the story. After giving the matter more thought, I realized…

I got an email yesterday from someone who’d read my novel Joshua.

“I just want people to have the freedom to dislike whatever they want and like whatever they want. It is not my place to tell people what books to like. I know I’m so opinionated myself — go ahead, hate it, if you want! That’s your right. You know?” — Elizabeth Curry Chandler, cofounder, Goodreads

Deal-With-It, in her well-worn robe and slippers, poured her morning coffee and made her way to the cluttered corner desk where she kept her laptop and her Krinkle. Clearing a space among the empty cups and other dirty dishes that littered her workspace, she woke…

I’m a news junkie. Every morning, I browse Google News while I have my coffee. Once in a while, I come across a real jaw-dropper like this:

I have mobility issues, and sometimes the inadequacy of accommodations for people like me rankle. My vision, however, is good enough, so I never considered the issue of accessibility for visually impaired people in smartphone apps until I saw this article. Considering the ubiquity of these devices, I can now see a real necessity for developing apps that can be used by people with disabilities.

Evidently, Domino’s doesn’t see it this way.


I’ve recently encountered a couple of articles from bloggers decrying the damage 1-star reviews can inflict on a struggling author. You can find one of them here and another here.

Both bloggers find fault with the reviewers themselves, a point of view I can mostly agree with. Many are just trolls. Others are trying to stand out as contrarians, while all they are actually doing is making themselves look petty and mean. Both bloggers also mention that their opinions of 1-star reviewers stir up quite a bit of controversy on social media. …

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