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You probably wonder whether you need Bugsee and is it any good? Well, let me try to address these here.


Bugsee Dashboard

Have you ever wondered how your users get to a certain state in your app? Have you ever tried to recreate an intermittent bug? As…

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When you’re a startup founder, you get a lot of questions. What’s your traction? Are you technical? When do you expect to implode and go back to working at a bank? Most of them are easy to answer. But there’s one that I get pushback on. …

In 1997 I joined a small, publicly traded company called Zoran. A seemingly unimportant decision for an 18 year old. However, it later defined my entire career path, through which I’ve met many of my closest friends, including my wife.

Back then, I was working on a yet unborn project…

For whatever reason I woke up today thinking about all the Google services I use regularly in my personal and business routines. Until I thought about it, I didn’t even realize how much I rely on Google in my day to day.

The list quickly grew to 30 items. Some…

Bugsee on Product Hunt

I’m thrilled to announce that Bugsee is on Product Hunt today. Can’t wait for the Product Hunt community’s feedback and thoughts.

Why Today?

Last year we won the #1 crash reporter award by CrashProbe — the ultimate benchmark for mobile crash reporters. And that’s before our video, network and logs leading up…


  • Roll out fully functional service for free to learn from early customers.
  • Find a role model for your pricing structure, ideally from your space.
  • Avoid pricing around factors that may hinder growth and/or usage of your product within customer’s organization.
  • Launch, learn and iterate.
  • Grant early customers a special early-adopter…

Bugsee at GeekSpeak

Back in early September, Lyle Troxell from GeekSpeak invited Dmitry Fink and myself to his ad-hoc studio at Netflix in Los Gatos to record an episode for his podcast.

Interestingly enough, we didn’t realize we were actually going to do the recording then. We thought we were just meeting Lyle…

“We had what alcoholics refer to as a ‘Moment of Clarity.’” Pulp Fiction

In my previous two blogposts, I’ve covered how Dmitry Fink and I had shut down our startup and then described our efforts to reboot with the remaining capital. The last blogpost ended with:

One of the azimuths we explored was the specific challenges we had faced at our first company…

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

So much energy is spent these days on Apple’s AirPods and whether Phil Schiller used the word courage appropriately. Everyone is so fascinated with these topics, Apple could’ve changed their name to Orange by now and no one would’ve noticed. In my opinion, all of this is utterly unimportant.


Alex Fishman

Founder/CEO @ www.Bugsee.com

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